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We offer a variety of services at reasonable pricing that will help you maintain the appearance of your concrete surface. We use quality products and services and take pride in producing quality results.  We have been offering concrete repairs, concrete sealing, concrete coloring, concrete washing, and concrete grinding to satisfied customers in Madison, Wisconsin since 2010.


Many homeowners today are looking for ways to increase the longevity of their property and exterior surfaces. With home costs down, and the costs of materials and home repairs up, it only makes sense to maintain what you own.  Concrete is one of those surfaces that can definitely add curb appeal and value, but can decrease it if it is not maintained properly.


Staining is a way to bring out the natural looks of concrete by coloring or tinting the surface in variety of colors. Stain can be applied indoor and outdoor at a reasonable price.


We offer services to deep clean concrete surfaces and bring them back to life. This is a great low cost option to maintain the appearance of your concrete.


We offer services to repair small cracks, chips, and spalls, if concrete is severely damaged and you don’t want to replace it we can also resurface the entire area for a reasonable price.


Slabs which suffer from freeze thaw cycles can present an unsafe hazard for pedestrians. Raised slabs are an unnecessary hazard that we can fix with little time and cost.


This is a solution to prevent water from penetrating seams and cracks and separating slabs. It is highly durable and also adds an aesthetically pleasing look. There are also some color options.


We offer endless options to add a customized look to your new concrete floor, or to completely repair a floor with severe surface damage. Color options are endless, we offer floors that offer superior, easy cleaning or excellent traction. With the high quality products we use your floor is sure to hold up to Wisconsin’s harsh conditions.