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Madison, Wisconsin homeowners have been trusting us to protect their driveways with crack-filling since 2010.

Crack-filling can be done for two main reasons.  More often then not we see driveways damaged by cracking due to water penetration.  When there are exposed cracks in a driveway they will catch water.  If water is saturating the substrate once we see our yearly freeze thaw cycle that driveway will continue to crack.  The best solution to stop this problem from becoming worse is to have these cracks filled.  This will nearly stop all water from saturating the sub-grade below.  This will prevent the driveway from heaving and causing trip hazards and damage to surrounding materials.


We also apply crack sealant to keep grass, dirt, and insects out of the joints in a driveway.  This adds a nice aesthetic look and really puts the final touches on a driveway.  Often times customers have us repair a few cracks and then decide to do the entire driveway.  Not only is this protecting their investment in the long run but at the same time they are making their driveway look much better!